A group of people with sports and workout equipment

Revolutionize your
Calendar from Stone Age

Create and share personal training schedules with alerts
Include routine training, diet and lifestyle reminders
Update, graph and share results.
A healthy family with kids and grandparents


Create and share health care plans
Ideal for adherence
and patient reported outcomes!
A soccer team in blue jerseys

Revolutionize your
Calendar from Stone Age
to Schedule

Create and share sports schedules
Auto-load events and alerts
Include training, competition, diet, liefstyle & socials
Friends holidaying in Paris
Revolutionize your
Calendar from Stone Age
to Schedule
Share events and alerts for the whole itinerary
Auto-load, then share the App calendar.
A group of students studying together
Revolutionize your
Calendar from Stone Age

Share an entire curriculum or project
Auto-load the app calendar and alerts
Never miss important deadlines

What is ScheduleAge?

No more boring schedule spreadsheets and having to enter events into your smart phone . Our schedules do it for you by answering a few simple questions.

Our app gives you information relevant to you when you need it most.

ScheduleAge Features

Smart Schedule
New Technology
Automatically puts events and reminders into your App calendar by answering a few simple questions. The information is personalized to suit your needs with Smart Alerts to help keep you on track. Saves time, less stress and avoid information overload!

Smart Alerts
Keeps You Notified & On Time
Simple question and answer via 2 way interactive alerts. Your responses automatically adjust events, alerts and suggest alternatives to add new schedules. Never miss important reminders and information is where and when needed.
*New technology

Sharing is caring
Send alert and social media share links for your created schedules; or If published, share from the schedule Store. View only share of in use Schedules to those who need to know. Delegate and transfer options exist for your whole account and your profiles.

Store & Retrieve
Collated info & media
Store info & media anytime & access when & where you need it as part of your schedule. The creator can also pre-store media in schedules, events & records. Smart alerts deliver & collect record info & media for graphing & download history.
*New technology

Schedule Store World's First Store for Schedules

One place where you can find a growing list of smart schedules that will help save you time & stress & keep you organized.

Schedules are Free or at a nominated cost set by the creator / business.

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Every user has the ability to create smart schedules. Simply select the Admin/Creator view and help make life easier for you, your family and the community.

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