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Planning & Communication Made Easy

ScheduleAge gives you the tools to create easy-to-use
Smart Schedules that adapt to each individual. Save time
and reduce stress, one schedule at a time.

Why Become a Creator?



Make Life Easier

Personalize your schedules

Adapt one of our range of Smart Schedules to suit your needs, or build your own from the ground up. Create schedules tailored to you, your friends and family.


Help your Community

Build once, use forever

Share your schedules with your network or through the Schedule Store. Your community and customers can then benefit from your expertise by using your schedules for themselves.


Be Rewarded

World first Schedule Store

Benefit from your experience and skills. You can even sell your schedules in our ground-breaking Schedule Store.
Grow your reputation and professional profile.

Create Opportunities

Our Creator Community is growing. Develop your skills and everyone in your community receives the benefit.

Admin/Creator functions allow users to transfer schedules into the ScheduleAge format. Similar to calendar appointments, events and alerts are defined by dropdown menus, with the added benefit of Smart Alerts.

Be Rewarded by Starting Early!

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quote_openSmart Alerts for users, with info where and when needed. Includes 2-way Q&A and preselected multi-media to keep users better informed and organized.quote_close

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Communicating with users by Smart Alerts

Often you will want your schedule to deliver a message to the person using it. This could be a reminder for an appointment, the delivery of documents or media related to a current event, or something else entirely. ScheduleAge accomplishes this using alerts. Alerts are attached to each event and can be triggered at a specific time or when conditions that you specify have been met.

Give and Take

However, alerts aren’t just for people using your schedule; they can also be requests for information. For example, an alert might remind a person to take their medication and request that they respond with a “Yes”. If they haven’t after a specific time, something might be wrong, and another alert may be triggered to inform someone else about what has happened. In another example, an alert might be triggered at 5:30pm each day to confirm whether someone will be home for dinner at the usual time. This can then be used to trigger more alerts to other people in the household. In this way everyone is automatically kept informed.

Other alert functions

Aside from delivering reminders and media, requesting input that adjust and trigger alerts and new events, alerts can also complete system actions which result in new schedules being presented to the user. Outcomes are adjusted automatically resulting in a truly personalized experience, helping them as their needs change. The selections made by the user are personal and only shared if the user chooses to do so.

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