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Are you struggling to achieve your marketing goals? Do you always feel that you are falling short despite all the hard work that you are putting in and the question that how well you know your customers is the essence of competing in your market?

Yes, there are ways to understand customer’s needs by looking at big data and through analytics. If you are using de-identified data, and analytics, you will only get to know the general trends of customers and their behavior patterns when on your website. However, you will still have the challenge of improving your bottom-line.

Do we really understand when our consumers are ready to buy? For that, it is all about the consumer’s own schedule.

Not only are your campaigns ineffective, your return on investment for marketing is a constant source of executive concern and there is an ever-present need to have a more personalized approach to reaching your customers and understanding the timing for their purchasing decisions.

In most cases, when your consumers are ready to make a purchasing decision that relates to your service, you simply do not know what the customer needs, and more particularly when they need it.

Through the market take-up of smartphones and the availability of mobile data and WLAN infrastructure, consumers are almost always on-line. There must be a way to tap into consumer’s needs and achieve the one-on-one marketing outcomes, particularly if the timing is right for your product or service.

Imagine being able to outsmart the competition and boost ROI with the additional insights of your one-on-one customer relationship. Your client or customer loyalty levels will also be enhanced since instead of your consumers receiving marketing when they do not need your product and service, they will have a better chance of only receiving your pitch when it is actually needed, right then and there. Get the timing right and your brand becomes more valuable.

This creates a win-win for your customer, since the timing for your offer will match the buying schedule of the consumer. In effect, your sales and marketing can shift from the current ad hoc “hit and miss” method, to a more targeted preemptively timed offering.

When you are building your marketing strategy, you need to first understand what your consumers’ needs are and most importantly the timing for those needs. Therefore, both what they need and when they need are very important. When you have a clear understanding of your consumer market, then you will be better prepared to meeting your customers’ requirements. The final outcome is to be better targeted, spend less in securing your sale, and generate higher revenue. Since the alignment of your sales initiative is at the precise time of a customer need, you have the opportunity for improved branding and to foster greater customer loyalty in your one-on-one relationship.

How would you like to lower costs of marketing, achieve greater penetration, and know your brand has higher relevance to your target market?

The ultimate challenge is to schedule your communications for one-on-one marketing efforts. How can this be done, without the consumer coming to you? How can I honor the commitment to consumer privacy?

The key is that your target audience is ready to reveal to you their needs, providing they are asked at the time they have that need. Unlocking the secrets of one-on-one marketing is simple when your customers are offered services at the time they need it. It is all about timing your marketing messages and subtly portraying your brand to ensure your service is offered at exactly the right time for each customer. Once mastered, your marketing is no longer invasive or irrelevant to the consumer and the timing of your offer becomes an integral to your reputation. The success of your brand is all about timing!


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