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ScheduleAge Terms

ScheduleAge Platform:


Australian Patent No. 2015208671
Singapore Patent No. 11201606065U

Registration Process for New Subscriptions

A User must accept the Terms and Conditions of ScheduleAge in order to complete registration.

General Conditions of Use

Credit if Changing Plans: Any unused portion of the account will be used as a credit to any upgrade.  In the event that there is any unused credit when a plan is changed for any reason, then refunds will not apply.

Refund Policy: A User may apply to ScheduleAge in the event that the stated capability of the service is not achieved.  Providing the request for refund is submitted in writing along with supporting details to substantiate the claim, and those details are validated by ScheduleAge, a refund of the amount paid to ScheduleAge will be provided to the User.  Such refund will be limited to the current period of subscription, and will not apply to past periods of subscription.

Reasonable Usage Limits: Users may Use ScheduleAge as Licensed providing their usage is limited to that which would be considered as fair and reasonable.  In relation to the assessment of fair and reasonable usage, limits and criteria may be adjusted by ScheduleAge at any time without notice.

Withdrawal for Unreasonable Usage: A service may be withdrawn or suspended if the Use of ScheduleAge is not deemed to be fair and reasonable.

Definition of Schedule: The ScheduleAge platform uses building blocks comprising Schedule, Roster, Event and Record templates, with each template also including documents and media. “Schedule” in this document is defined as any combination of the building blocks of ScheduleAge.

Distribution and Use of Schedules: A Schedule may be shared amongst the user community by selecting “Add New”, or if subscribed by a user, i.e. “In-Use” and private to that user, in which case the In-Use Schedule can be shared either on a “View Only” basis or through the allocation of “Roles” (if appropriate).

Suspension of Schedules: At the sole discretion of ScheduleAge, a Schedule may be withdrawn if that Schedule is not deemed to comply with privacy or security specifications and standards and any other statutory requirements.

Sole Discretion: Suspension of Schedules and the determining of Reasonable Usage Limits are deemed to be at the Sole Discretion of ScheduleAge.

Personal Use Subscription Plan: Personal Use applies to individual consumers Accounts and a maximum of 10 Profile Sub-Accounts, according to the annual subscription plan selected by each user.

Monthly Corporate or Community License Fee: Where a production Schedule is shared and used for community or corporate groups of users, ScheduleAge reserves the right to charge a reasonable license fee to the licensee based upon the number of schedules, events, rules, alerts, roles and users, and taking into consideration the cost of production, the value derived from the use of the service and the potential for expanding or upgrading the Personal Use Subscription Plans.

Adjustment to Pricing: ScheduleAge reserves the right to adjust pricing without notice, with such changes being applicable at the anniversary of renewal, or at the date due in the next billing period if subscribed monthly, quarterly or annually on a perpetual subscription basis.

Right to Advertise: ScheduleAge reserves the right to Advertise at its sole discretion.

Acceptance: By using the ScheduleAge service, each User must accept these Terms and Conditions.

Privacy:Refer Privacy Policy, which includes legal disclosures and contact details.

Pricing and Related Terms

Additional details will be provided in advance of the launch of the ScheduleAge Platform.

Terms & Conditions

Tax: For Australia, all transactions include GST.

Currencies: USD by default, or AUD as selected at the time of subscription.

Information Repository: ScheduleAge is an information repository, which can store records, information and media.  Each Schedule comprises events which already have the relevant information pre-collated.

Account Subscriptions: Free for a nominated period or indefinite depending upon the plan selected. Storage and the number of Profiles depend upon the plan selected.

Additional Fees: Additional storage and Profiles are available according to subscription upgrade options.

Subscription of Schedules: Pre-configured Schedules are available and offered on a Free or Subscription basis, with Terms and Conditions specific to each Schedule.

Free: Free for a nominated period or indefinite depending upon the Schedule selected.

Subscription Fee: The creator of the Schedule may apply a one-time fee or a fee for a nominated period depending upon the Schedule selected.

Subscription Basis:

Annual Renewal: for annual plans, users can extend the plan at the end of each year.

Subscribed: Either for a nominated period or indefinite.

Increased Storage: Storage is required to support the documents and media associated with a selected schedule and documents and media added by users. Plans are available to increase Storage on annual subscription renewal basis.

Profiles: Each user has the ability to add family dependents using the ScheduleAge multi-Profile facility. Schedules for all Profiles, including the original user can be overlayed, and conflicts in Events can be identified. Additional Profiles are available on a 12 month annual subscription renewal basis.

Delegation: Each user has the ability to support Delegations from another User’s account. For each Delegation, the number of Profiles available as part of the user’s subscription is reduced accordingly. For the avoidance of doubt, the total number of Profiles in use is the combination of Profiles and Delegations received.

Product Release Program

ScheduleAge has a policy of tracing known test issues and user suggestions for new functions. Therefore, the apps and cloud processing platform are subject to progressive updates and releases of new versions. During upgrade to the latest version of software, ScheduleAge has a policy of limiting impacts to operating user accounts.

The system administrators sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to account holders having trouble using the service. We acknowledge, that it is only through addressing user feedback that we can improve. Email: contact@scheduleage.com

CAUTION: Due to the extensive interaction of rules, it is important to make sure that In Use versions of templates process as intended to avoid unexpected errors in processing outcomes. After each version update please check accounts to make sure of the intended operation.
These notes will be updated for each release.


Account TimeZone: Depending upon the type of network connection, this value may need to be set manually, particularly during inter-state travel. Always make sure that your account is in your local TimeZone. CAUTION: When templates are created, the local TimeZone may define time variables.

Activity: The functionalities and hyperlinks available via Activity may be expanded in due course.

Alert Conditions: This is limited to 3 variables without parentheses for the current release.

Alert Details: This function will be added to the daily calendar event details (single click, or slide up).

Alerts for Delegated Profiles: Alert will not be received unless the user is logged into the Delegated Profile.

Alerts for Profiles: The main account will receive alerts for all profile sub-accounts. The main user may login to the Profile account to “filter” the alerts.

Alert Priority if Five Star: These may result in auto-popup of Alert details. Since other user actions may be in progress, after selecting cancel there is a delay of several minutes prior to re-displaying the alert popup again.

Alert Text: Alerts use a combination of pre-set fields and user defined text to automatically generate each notification. With each release, alert text may be updated to improve user experience.

Alerts to Tablets: For tablet devices, alert notifications are not supported when logged in via a browser. The App (including push notifications), is intended only for smart phones.

Auto-Close Alerts: If an account holder does not close alerts when they are received, when over 300 alerts are held in an account, the system will automatically close 150 alerts, adding to the Activity (history) list. This method will remain under review.

Assigned Role: Role assignment may be required for events when In Use versions are loaded or updated. The method will remain under review and updated in future releases.

Calendar Event List: Using the app, swipe up to reveal the daily calendar event list.

Calendar View: due to processing constraints, very frequent repeats may not be displayed in an accounts future calendar views. This is a practicality of displaying high frequency repeated events using calendars that may span an entire life-time.

Calendar Overlay of Profiles: This is currently available via the desktop browser.

Clear Cache: If a malfunction occurs to an account, occasionally that may be due to a prior version of a processing outcome. This type of error can be resolve by closing and clearing the cache of a browser and closing and reloading of an app, including clearing data.

Contacts in Address Book: The method of contact allocation may be revised and updated in future releases.

Creator Edit: Regularly save edits to avoid loss of work. CAUTION: Reliable network communications are required at all times during Edit. As an extra precaution, you may copy your created items to create a backup.

Credit Card Transactions: The types of credit cards and payment methods will be expanded in due course. The types of transactions will also be adjusted according to user demand.

DateTime Updates: Always check that edits to DateTime values and nominated Timezone are correct after pressing Apply or Save. CAUTION: In some cases, you will be asked to not update the time from the default as adjusting the time may interfere with event reference rules.

eCalendar CalDAV Synchronization: Only CalDAV compatible e-Calendars are able to synchronise to a smart phone e-Calendar. Each enabled alert will create a separate calendar entry.

Edit via Event Details: This method may be used to create a separate event with adjusted parameters (such as start, end, repeat). If locked, the original event cannot be edited. To avoid duplication, the creator may add a deselection rule condition to the original event by designating a smart alert update for the user to adjust a linked record field. This method may be updated in due course.

Editing Values for Fields & Rules: Always check that edits to fields, media and rule values are correct after pressing Apply or Save.

eMails: Various user action result in automatic emails, targeting users who are not already registered, or unlikely to be logged on. It is better to pre-register users before attempting to send or share user invitations. The type of automatic emails may be revised and updated in future releases. CAUTION: To ensure that users are kept informed, always take the time to explain the intended use of ScheduleAge to users using manual methods such as emails, phone calls, social media or sms. Users who are better informed are more likely to complete actions on time.

eMail Address: Each profile sub-account requires a valid email address to ensure correct operation. CAUTION: Always register an email account for each profile prior to completing registration. After registration, it is not recommended to change the email of a profile.

Event Conditions: This is limited to 3 layers of parenthesis, and 5 variables for the current release.

In Use Edit of Templates: The current functionality allows edit of regularly adjusted variables and fields. Due to practical limitations and the potential for rule mal-functions, edit does not allow access to every variable or field.

Info-Media: Current limitations in smart-phones constrain the ability to add and preview rich media entries and links, such as video, photos and audio recordings. In advance of smart phone codec support, consider embedding using URL links to rich media when creating record templates.

Invitation Role: Used only be rosters. Additional functionalities for rosters are under review and may be added in later releases. Invitation Roles may not be selected for the current release.

Menu Options: These vary according to the type of In Use version, and selections available as appropriate for each menu. Menu option lists are subject to review and may be updated in future versions.

Network Connection: Reliable on-line communications are required at all times to fully operate the service. Please make sure that smart phone app accounts are always logged in. Off-line functionality remains under review and may be updated in future versions.

Processing Delays: this may occur due to network congestion or may be occur during normal operation of the service, particularly as rules reprocess. Due to the potential for event interactions, it may take many minutes for a service to stabilise after changing, loading or updating In Use versions.

Profile Accounts: Functionalities of profile, transferred or delegated accounts is restricted and does not include creator functions. Edit may be accessed only by the main user account and shared to the profile.

Push Notifications: To receive reliable notifications, make sure that smart phone app accounts have push notifications always enabled. CAUTION: Smart phone default settings set by the device may disable push notifications.

Quick Template: This function is under review and may be added to the App calendar in a future release.

Remove Folders: Folders cannot be removed unless the folder is empty. To avoid mal-functions, In Use items must be removed prior to selecting this option.

Remove of In Use Items: CAUTION: always check before removing. This action is irreversible. To preserve user details and avoid the need for re-entering details, removal of linked records is not automatic. Removal of linked records is a manual process.

Repeat Rules: repeat periods, end rules, default values and event outcomes remain under review and may be updated in future releases. Always check that repeat rules are operating according to the need.

Role Assigned Events & Edit of Linked Records: Calendar events and alerts are provided only for the Role recipient’s nominated events. The full list of events is available during Preview. If locked, edit of linked records is available if permission is provided via a smart-alert update to the designated role.

Schedule Copy & Edit of Record Links: Editing of a record field or event name requires updating of nominated links. Please exercise caution at all times when nominating links that vary rules or define smart-alerts. CAUTION: Always check Record and Event links after each edit.

Search Filters: To ensure that selected filter settings are applied, please reselect filters and refresh search stings.

Share View: This provides “View Only” access to In Use items and does not permit edit nor provide alerts to the recipient. Automatic emails are not provided to let a user know that they have been given Share View access. CAUTION: always contact the intended “Share View” user to inform them that you are intending to share your personal In Use version. The “Share View” user must Accept the invitation to access each In Use item.

User Experience: UX updates are subject to user feedback and operability assessments. The browser and app may be updated from time to time.