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Health checks are a priority for the whole family

All of us are leading a frantic lifestyle. In this process, we tend to forget one of the most important aspects of our life, namely our health and fitness. Consider this as a preventative measure for everyone to live at peak health throughout our lives.

We can all relate to what would happens if a car was never serviced: instead of owning an asset, it would very quickly turn into a liability, and costs to keep your car on the road would ultimately take their toll. In the long run, your car would be taken off the road.

For families, health checks start as an infant and combine with the need for immunizations through pre-school. But it doesn’t stop there! Through secondary school and as an adult, there are simple health checks to complete which in due course may help us to avoid a health crisis. We all know families who have had to deal with the impact of conditions which if discovered sooner would have been simple to solve.

The reality, if we ignored car maintenance, your car will be taken off the road. It is no different, health checks help our family’s health remain on track!

Even worse, if we ignore the symptoms our body is telling us. In most cases, early detection of even the most serious health conditions can lead to a speedy recovery.

From a health and wellbeing point of you, it is definitely worth taking the initiative to set health and fitness goals. For the family, that can help avoid confronting an unnecessary health crisis, not to mention the financial impact.

If at any stage in your life you have dependents, including children, elderly, disabled or even a family pet, it no longer just a personal accountability. It is often easier to set a plan for your dependent and at the same time neglect your own health. Imagine if your health was compromised and the impact on your family. You are a very important person, since people are depending upon you!

Health plans for each person are a way to also work towards better health every day. Consider the combination of diet, exercise, rest and relaxation.

The biggest excuse for not prioritizing our health, is that we’re too busy, too lazy and too forgetful. Here, are a few essential tips that will help you put you back on track!


#1 Come up with a health and fitness plan. Identify recommended health related checks and make sure that you are aware of the flow-on benefits. Treating your dental check like a neglected car ultimately has consequences, particularly as we age. List everything that needs to be done to improve your health. In time, you can add your daily workout plans, dietary goals and even plan your family holidays.

#2 There is no point having a fancy health and fitness plan, if you don’t execute that plan. Do not wait to start – remember, ‘today’ is the best day to start when it comes to taking measures to improve your health.

#3 Many, start enthusiastically, but fail to adhere to plans long enough to see the results. Take the time to set your reminders and placeholders for appointments. Using a smartphone calendar is a good choice since most of us have these 7×24.

#4 Set goals – Check how far you have come. Have you accomplished your goals? It always best to set quantifiable goals, to track your progress for yourself and your family.

#5 Assess yourself regularly, to see what improvements you have made. It will keep you motivated. Also include self-checks for your health. These vary for men and women, and in most cases it only takes moments to complete these tasks when it is part of your routine.

#6 Preventative measures are essential, as soon as you see any signs of serious illness. That means setting an immediate course of action. Adopt a do-it-now attitude to immediately visit your doctor for a checkup.

When it comes to keeping the health of you and your family on track:

Prevention is always better than cure


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