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Why planning and scheduling is important for the whole family

The fast paced life that all of us are leading today, makes it very challenging for mothers to plan the activities for their children, husband, pets and extended family. Under the pretext of a busy life schedule, even the most important things can be left out, resulting in stress and embarrassment as things go wrong.

Time management experts say that the key is proper scheduling and prioritizing of activities. Ensuring, that you set aside enough time in your routine schedule to plan each activity including education, sport, travel, social events, club activities and so on, is another handy hint.

Everyone needs help, and wouldn’t we love to have a personal assistant or private secretary to organize the chaos, if only that was affordable. Imagine if you had an assistant that managed your time? Whilst it is impractical for most, it would become a lot easier to rely on the help rather than taking responsibility for ourselves.

So how do we never miss an important event? Such as our child’s dance audition, sports events, anniversaries, birthdays, your family’s vacations, routine medical checkups, and anything else in our busy family and business lives. How do we find the information we need when we need it?

What is the best formula to take the pain out of scheduling? Already there are number of personal organizer tools that are available, and we try to get by on our personal smartphone and printed calendars to receive the reminders we depend upon. However, these tools fall short in some way or the other. Not to mention the need to link our documents and instructions to these tools. We may have the benefit of our filing, or even cloud storage, but that simply does not help when we are in the middle of the rush, and can’t find the address, or that important scan that has been left on our home computer.

Some of us even resort to checklists and spreadsheets to complete our coordination, not to mention the trusted method of using magnets on the fridge for those routine schedules of activities and appointments.

And how can Mums fit the documents they need into their handbag? Do they need to have the whole filing cabinet?

Electronic communications has now advanced to the point where most of us have a powerful smartphone, and we are always online and in touch throughout our lives. This is an unprecedented era and never before in history have we had the ability to communicate at all times. However, if we consider communications as an important part of scheduling, we also need to add that to our list of priorities, and in turn manage the inevitable information overload we share and receive.

We all know about what happens when our obligations clash and in some cases it simply can’t be avoided. Be prepared to communicate using phone calls, emails, SMS and other notification methods. Also, families need to draw upon friends and relatives to help you when schedules get to the manic stage. No one can be in two places at the same time!

Wouldn’t it be great to never again worry about productivity issues, or upsetting a family member, or letting other’s down, and feeling that inevitable embarrassment? Not to mention, prioritizing health matters for our children. At the top of the list is our children’s pre-school immunizations. Often, mothers forget about their own health checks and yet mothers are the most important person when it comes to organization and care. The implications can be minor, but we all know of families who have had to confront major health issues, which may have been avoided had health checks been prioritized.


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